November 14th

I’ve come to find a few things I love most in life: my family, my friends, and bow hunting.

My best friend, Nathan, and I have been bow hunting together for the past 13 years. Sometimes we eat tag soup, and others we are able to put our tag on an animal that we are proud of. At exactly 7:48 AM on November 14, 2020, is the day Nathan zipped his Grim Reaper broadhead through both lungs of a 9- point buck.

To fill you in on some small back story to how this day came to be, my friend Mike was looking to grab some whitetail content for his portfolio (, @MWOZPHOTO). We didn’t have the ability to both sit in an area that I wanted because we didn’t have an extra tree stand available. So, the evening prior I placed a ground blind for us to sit in on a very heavily- trafficked area on the property. Minutes and hours go by for Mike and I as the darkness started to fade and the light from the sun peaked over the horizon. We were checking in periodically with Nathan to let him know what we were seeing and vice versa. It was a slow but perfect November morning to be in the woods. We were showered with music of blue jays and chickadees, but not a single deer made its presence known for us that day.

While we are sitting there talking quietly amongst ourselves my phone went off with a text message from Nathan. I grab my phone and read it to Mike. The text read “BBD” or Big Buck Down. My chest filled with anxiety and excitement because I wanted to know which buck he had taken. We had quite a few on the cameras over the summer and fall. But I held off on asking because I wanted it to be a surprise. I told Nathan that we would sit in the blind until 9:00 AM and then we would help him look for his deer. 9 o’clock showed up and we still hadn’t seen any traffic, so we went to go find Nathan.

We walked back to the car and started to drive out to the road when we met Nathan and his uncle on the trail. We told Nathan we would be right back to help because Mike wanted to get his drone for some footage. When we got back after retrieving the drone our other friend Joe had shown up to assist with the tracking as well.

As we got to walking into the patch of hardwoods that he was sitting, he started to give us the animated version of the story. You know it’s the kind we all want to hear anyways. We then found his arrow and first blood; his arrow was a clean pass through, and on the exit, hit a rock and busted all the blades off his broadhead. The blood trail was a short one, no more than 40 yards, and in a small thicket of pine trees saw his buck lying there. High fives and fist bumps all around! There is no better feeling than placing your tag on a buck with your bow.

Now that Nathan has filled his buck tag for 2020, it’s time to fill mine, and I will get out when I can to do so. It’s funny though, because in all the years we have hunted together, we never both tagged out in the same season. Time will tell…

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